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Buying from abroad is easy!

The Internet has removed barriers to buying goods from sellers located in other countries or even on other continents. Thousands of people search eBay every day and hundreds buy unique items that are not available from local suppliers.

Today, it is possible to purchase anything in Europe, America, or the Commonwealth of Independent States - from clothes and toys to spare parts for cars and complex equipment.

However, there are numerous challenges to overcome. Firstly, there's communication with sellers who may not speak your native language. Secondly, it can be difficult to understand the product's specifications or purchase terms. Additionally, it is challenging to ensure the safe delivery of goods and handle any issues that arise if the cargo is damaged during shipment. The import-export process is complex, and communicating with customs officials can be daunting for potential buyers.

Moreover, the seller may not accept your payment method or offer international shipping. But does this mean that you should abandon new products or better suppliers? Absolutely not!

We will handle EVERYTHING involved in purchasing goods from American and European suppliers.

Our services
  • We handle all communication with the seller after placing your order
  • We take care of the payment process
  • We provide insurance for your order and delivery
  • We can receive your order from the seller, verify its contents, and forward it to you
  • We manage customs clearance procedures

Everything you need

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support service using the form below.

We also offer assistance in finding the appropriate product if you are having difficulty doing it yourself. Our company can help you locate spare parts and components for any type of equipment. Based on our previous experiences, we can help you achieve up to two-fold cost savings. All we require is the part number, model, year of manufacture, and VIN number.

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Cargo tracking
Cargo insurance

Simple formula

Our pricing model is straightforward: we charge a percentage of the total cost of goods, which includes delivery to the warehouse and sales tax (if applicable).

Once the order has been placed, our consultant will generate an invoice for payment.

Upon receiving the goods at the warehouse, additional fees may apply for the following services.

Additional warehouse services
  • Unboxing and inspecting goods: €5 per box (at the client's request)
  • Customized or repackaging services for oversized, fragile, or non-standard goods
  • Additional storage fees for goods stored beyond 30 days
  • A 10% fee for returning goods to the seller

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